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Training and Auditorium

INDEXfirmly believes in training because human resources, whatever part they may play in the company, take on more and more importance every day.

For this reason they should be continually trained in order to obtain from them the very best performance, professionalism and constant adaptation to changes in the market, in other words innovation and continuous improvement. Following these principles we have created an AUDITORIUM in the form of a modern, rational and welcoming structure, comprising a lecture hall that can accommodate over 250 people, a Bellini classroom with 40 places, a Rossini meeting room with 20 places, and a Technical Training and Retraining Centre where Italian and foreign instructors teach the correct application of systems and products. The Auditorium was set up in 1997 and since that time has hosted tens of thousands of people.

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Our courses are designed for all construction industry professionals who wish to update their knowledge.

Our system solutions


Acoustic Insulation

Rehabilitation, concrete restoration

Thermal Insulation

Floor laying

Products for road and motorways

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