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Quality Certifications and Systems

INDEX Quality Management System conforming to UNI EN ISO 9001 Standard

The Index Spa quality policy is to manufacture the products of its 6 Divisions in accordance with the set requirements, continuously striving to improve its products and its organisation to give greater customer satisfaction and consequently enhancing the company’s image, competitiveness and profitability. By measuring the Quality Goals set, re-examined annually to check their validity and that they are achieved, we are able to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of our organisation, as well as the quality level of the products made. To accomplish the Quality Goals set it is essential to involve all personnel in striving to achieve them. The Management ensures the availability of the necessary resources and measures in order for this policy to be understood and applied by all personnel.

INDEX and the environmental commitment

INDEX has voluntarily been in possession of ISO 14001 Environmental Certification since 2001 (cert. no. IT235284) which objectively guarantees that all the possible impacts of its business activities on water, air, soil, noise, vibrations, waste etc. are controlled and managed according to an environmental safeguarding programme. Targets and schemes are set for continuous improvement, aiming at increasingly higher environmental standards that are more stringent than those set by the applicable laws. Besides monthly internal audits, this certification is maintained, renewed and checked annually by the independent body in order to demonstrate our ongoing commitment.

Product certifications

To export products intended for major works, but not only, many countries required specific tests to be passed. Hence the need for these products to be subjected to tests carried out by designated bodies and laboratories in the various countries where they are sent.

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Products are constantly checked in our laboratories and are certified in the major countries around the world
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